CSH has brought together a national Advisory Board that includes a core group of stakeholders to advise and assist with One Roof implementation including support with engagement, communication, strategic alignment, and visioning.  CSH sees this collaborative effort as key to the success of One Roof and ensuring a coordinated approach that better serves families.

  • CSH, Deborah De Santis, President & CEO, Advisory Board Chair
  • Child Welfare League of America, Christine James-Brown, President and CEO
  • Children’s Defense Fund, Zachary Tilly, Policy Associate (Alternates – MaryLee Allen, Director of Policy; Stephanie Sprow, Deputy Director, Child Welfare and Mental Health)
  • Children and Family Futures, Inc., Sidney Gardner, President (Alternate Dr. Nancy Young, Executive Director)
  • United States Interagency Council on Homelessness, Jasmine Hayes, Deputy Director
  • American Public Human Services Association, National Association of Public Child Welfare Administrators, Ann Flagg, Director, Center for Child and Family Well-Being
  • National Alliance to End Homelessness, Nan Roman, President and CEO (Alternate Sharon McDonald, Senior Fellow for Families and Children)
  • Council of Large Public Housing Authorities, Deb Gross, Deputy Director