About Us

One Roof is a strategic effort to break the intergenerational cycle of homelessness, housing instability, child welfare involvement, and poor outcomes for vulnerable families with children. Through One Roof, CSH and our partners have built a movement to elevate the visibility of vulnerable, at-risk families and ensure an improved and integrated policy response that targets supportive housing for families caught in this cycle. One Roof builds off CSH’s past successes delivering housing solutions for vulnerable individuals and families. A national nonprofit and Community Development Financial Institution, CSH has earned a reputation as a highly effective, financially stable organization, with strong partnerships across government, community organizations, foundations, and financial institutions. CSH is advancing innovative solutions that use housing as a platform for services to improve lives, maximize public resources, and build healthy communities.

“One Roof has helped increase awareness of the need for supportive housing for families that have multiple stressors, including child welfare involvement. My hope is with continued awareness, more families will be able to access successful models like supportive housing.” Kelly Sachter, LCSW, Director of Programs, Family Connections NJ